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Tailor made exercise plans just for you

Fitness from NutriFitMe

Meeting your nutritional needs is 60% of the journey to achieving your goals and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The other 40% is adding in a tailor made exercise plan.

Exercise Plans

By exercising on a regular basis you will notice greater improvements in body composition, than just having a nutritional plan alone.

Depending on your goal, plans can be designed whether you’re new to exercising or wanting to compete in the next Ironman competition.

Personal Trainer

NutriFitMe can also provide you with a personal trainer that will guide and motivate you to achieve the body you are dreaming of.

If a personal trainer or gyms are not your for you then follow one of our YouTube workouts or keep working on your personalised home workout plan that NutriFitMe will also produce just for you.


  • A tailor made exercise plan with easy to follow diagrams.
  • Subscription to the NutriFitMe YouTube channel where you can access a host of workouts and challenges.
  • For an additional fee NutriFitMe can provide you with a fully accredited personal trainer who can motivate you and help you achieve your goal in a faster time frame.
  • Constant support through a range of communications to answer any of your questions, problems or queries.

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