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Nutrition from NutriFitMe

NutriFitMe believe in creating easy to understand nutritional plans that suit your body, to help you achieve your goal. We don’t believe in giving you the latest fashionable diet or making you count every calorie.

Nutritional Plans

All plans will be largely geared towards you eating whole natural foods and products that the body recognises, which will be hugely beneficial to you.

There will be times when you slip off from the nutritional plan but NutriFitMe understand and cater for this in all of its plans. Along with our constant support you can easily get back on track without feeling that you have failed.

The first step NutriFitMe take is by sending you a questionnaire on your eating habits, typical daily food and drink intake, health problems, allergies, any medication, current home and work commitments.

Once we have this it will give us a starting point to work with when designing your nutritional plan.

Starting Measurements

NutriFitMe will take your starting measurements and body fat levels from various places on your body so it gives you a real indication of your progress along the way. This can be done face to face or over Skype.

Your tailor made nutritional plan will then be sent to you with all resources you need to achieve the goals you set in your initial consultation.

Support from NutriFitMe

NutriFitMe will support you along your whole journey either via Skype, phone calls, twitter, email or face to face. We’ll be with your on every step of the journey. When a journey is shared, you’re more likely to get to your dream quicker.


  • An initial hassle free questionnaire to state your eating habits and general current health.
  • A personal consultation with a NutriFitMe qualified Nutritionist to work out you goals and current eating habits (usually 60 minutes done face to face or via Skype).
  • A full body composition measurement to work out your current body fat level and get baseline figures (usually 30 minutes done face to face or via Skype).
  • Health Screening including blood pressure, blood glucose levels, lung efficacy and resting heart rate.
  • A fully documented tailor made nutritional plan stating all ingredients, recipes and resources you need to achieve your stated goal.
  • Constant support through a range of communications from the moment you start your journey.

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