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Week 1 of 14 – Body Transformation For Physique Show

Jun 15 2014

Brief Intro
After living and working in Australia for 6 months I have decided that the time is right for me to enter a physique fitness show. The event is in 14 weeks in Melbourne and is something I have wanted to train and diet for, for the last 3 years.
I know it wont be easy both physically and mentally but without allowing yourself out of your comfort zones, progress and opportunities can never happen. Training and dieting for a physique show requires strong will power, persistence, patience, hard work and determination. The hardest part I believe I will find challenging is social situations. 99% of people will not understand the commitment needed to achieve a great physique. They will not understand alcohol fuelled nights have been stopped and food has to be weighed to the gram and not ventured away much from the diet plan.
I have assigned the help of a body transformation coach, Luke Haslett. I have followed Luke for several years through various forms of social media and understand his protocols, expectations and more importantly I know he knows his stuff.
Over the next 16 weeks, every week I will be blogging about the whole process with progress photos, thoughts and how the week personally went. I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I will and maybe take inspiration to transform your health for the better.
This week I have trained 11 times in total. This consisted of 5 cardio and 6 resistance sessions.
I have not done any machine specific cardio apart from a random game of football for over 6 months, so getting on a bike for 45 minutes each day was a shock to the system. I will be changing what type of cardio I do depending on my mood each day. I have a beach down the road, so a run along that will be happening as often as I can.
Week 1 of 16 Image
Week 1 Training Overview
Regarding my resistance workouts which have be specifically designed by Luke Haslett, they have been challenging and different. My workout times have increased from my usual 45 minute sessions to working out for over an hour and a half. This is due to new exercises and making sure my technique is spot on before upping the weight for the required rep ranges.
I am training 5 days a week, with a rest day on Wednesday and Sunday. I am also having a personal training session on a Saturday to really up the intensity of my sessions. I go into more detail about what exercises, rep ranges and training splits I am doing over the next few weeks.
Week 1 Nutrition Overview
Nutrition will be key to getting stage ready. This week is the first week I have actually felt a slight hunger in years. I am eating a lot of high nutrient dense foods including fresh salmon, chicken, Greek yoghurt, cashews and plenty of veggies. Hunger will be a factor that will be a common part of this process otherwise fat loss will not occur. I am also cycling my carbohydrates, so on several days I will not be eating over 50g of Carbohydrates.
Week 1 of 16 Image
So far my energy levels have not been affected greatly however my mental awareness, such as getting a foggy feeling in my head on the lower carb days, something my body will adapt to getting used to.
Week 1 Supplementation
Below is a picture of the supplements I will be taking until further instructors from Luke are given. I am also taking fish oils, multivitamins, vitamin D and Whey Protein (post workout).
Week 1 of 16 Image
Week 1 Progress Shots
Each week I will be getting my personal trainer to take weekly progress photos of myself. He will also be taking my body fat using callipers at 8 different body sites. I will show you body fat changes over the coming weeks.
Week 1 of 16 Image
Lets see what Week 2 brings and I shall be updating this blog same time next week. Thanks for reading.