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Week 10 of 14 – Body Transformation For Physique Show

Aug 18 2014

I remember thinking when I started this whole process, “I wonder how I will feel and look at the ten week stage”. The answer, I look the best I have ever looked but also felt the worst I have ever felt. Week 10 has been tough both mentally and physically. I felt drained. My body ached and my legs felt like two stabs of concrete.
Quitting is and was not an option, I just needed a change of plan and that came yesterday at my very first posing class.
Posing Practise
Attending the posing class gave me an opportunity to meet other competitors and to speak to a professional physique competitor. What did I learn?
1. I was in great shape and should be very happy with my progress.
2. Posing is actually hard work. Holding yourself in a flexed position for several minutes can give you quite the workout.
But the most important point I took from the day.
3. My body and mind was in need of a refeed day. This meant carbs, carbs and more carbs. Let the eating begin.

 What I had for the day:
1 x Eggs Benedict
1 x Bowl of Bircher Muesli with fresh berries
4 x Slices of Banana Bread
4 x Bowls of Porridge (2 containing protein powder)
1 x Snickers
2 x Milky Bars
2 x Bowls of Greek Yoghurt
2 x Bowls of Chicken and Rice
20+ Twinings herbal teas.
Total Macros:
Carbohydrates: 932g
Protein: 280g
Fat: 292g
Calories: 7,673kcals

The Damage:
I felt great. I could feel my muscles swelling. My body felt rock solid and vascular. My legs stopped aching. It was actually what I needed to push my body for the next 4 weeks.
MyfitnessPal High Carb Day
Is what I ate excessive? Maybe, maybe not? But when you have gone 10 weeks of spending 3 hours each day training, weighing out every ingredient and being in a calories deficit then you can come back and question my food intake for that day.
What else happened this week?
I have booked in a photo shoot, which I am very excited about. I have also booked in for a full body wax (can’t wait!!!!) and spray tan. Something I never thought in my life I would have to organise.
Sunset walks along the beach = extra cardio

Sunset walks along the beach = extra cardio

What’s plan for the next 27 days? Train Hard. Keep Determined and above all keep enjoying this crazy journey.
Week 10’s Relaxed Photos:
Week 10 Relaxed
Once last thing before I sign off for the week, put this long black coffee down and head to the gym to start week 11. I saw a Facebook post which I can 100% relate to. If anyone is thinking about competing then just ponder for a moment the bullet points and ask, is this really what you want?
No erections for weeks on end
Complete loss of sex drive
Relationship turmoil
Mood Swings
Constantly feeling cold
Insatiable hunger
Disordered eating
Lose friendships
Sleepless nights
Low energy or drive
Plus plenty of others.
However the image of stepping on stage after all this hard work will be worth the short-term pain.