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Week 12 of 14 – Body Transformation For Physique Show

Aug 31 2014

Week 12 is done. We are nearly there!! 14 days to go before I complete one of the biggest achievements of my life. Can you tell I am excited? Currently at 74KG and around 6-7% Body Fat.
The last couple of weeks have been tough. This week was no different. I had to really dig deep to keep that inner desire to train at my best and to keep focussed mentally while dieting.
Due to being off all week I made sure I kept stress levels to a minimum outside of training. I have had lots of Saunas, Jacuzzis, sunset walks, a trip to the Hot Springs, plenty of naps and picking up a few extra supplements to help.

 Due to the amount of stress I am putting on my body and health through training and dieting in a calorie deficit, I want to look after it as much as possible. Therefore I picked up the following supplements:
Supplements Week 12
Magnesium Spray, to help with muscle recovery, sleep and keep my levels topped up.
Rhodiola and Ginseng, to help reduce cortisol levels/stress.
A Broad Spectrum Probiotic, these are a must to keep my gut health working at its best and increase the number of good bacteria I have.
Liquorice Tea, is just amazingly tasty and has numerous health benefits just like other herbal remedies such as its anti-inflammatory and its benefits on gut health.

Sometimes you have to look back to see how far you have actually come when you take on any task and I am amazed at the difference and changes I have made of the last 12 weeks.
Week1-12 Transformation
For some weird reason I always seem to make a daily trip to the supermarket throughout this journey. I always like to pick fresh veggies but I always have a wonder down the aisle for some stupid reason. Temptation is everywhere!!!! And its even harder when your favourite chocolate bar is half price.
Really starting to get excited about the big day. As I do not know what to expect it is going to be a great day and one I will aim to enjoy throughout no matter what happens. I just need to make sure I practise my posing.
Week 12’s Relaxed Progress Photos:
Week 12 Progress Pictures