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Week 2 of 14 – Body Transformation For Physique Show

Jun 23 2014

Week 2 of 14 is done. 90 days to go.
This week has been great. All training sessions have been completed and the food plan has been followed to the exact gram. I never thought eating 300g of carbohydrates after having 3 days of just 50g could be hard work. However I am not complaining one bit…get them in me.
Week 2 of 16
Body fat dropped from last week, while my strength improved and my total weight only decreased by half a kilogram which I am happy with. I am starting to feel leaner already and my abs are making an appearance again when in a relaxed state.
Here are my progression photos in a relaxed state, no filter or lighting effects.
Week 2 of 16 relaxed photos
All my cardio in the mornings have been done on a Watt Bike this week. It is a great piece of kit and starting to clock up some miles in the 45 minute sessions which is powered by 4 servings of Amino Energy.

 My resistance training is split into 5 sessions, typically done around 7pm in the evening.
The spilt looks like the following:
Monday: Deltoids/Triceps/Biceps
Tuesday: Back/Legs/Calves
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Deltoids/Triceps/Biceps
Friday: Back/Legs/Calves
Saturday: Chest/Triceps/Forearms

One of my favourite exercises:
This workout pattern will be followed for the next 2 more weeks. Typically aiming for around 8-10 reps normally with a nice controlled tempo on each and every rep to really work the muscle fibres.
Throughout this journey it will be both very physically and mentally challenging. If I can keep my mindset in a positive and determined mode, nothing will be able to stop me. I am normally a very patient and stress free individual however after 2 low carb days, my patience did get tested at work but nothing 5 minutes alone time with a green tea couldn’t handle.
Throughout this journey I plan on telling everyone and anyone. This is to keep me motivated when people expect to see progress and updates. The more people I tell the more people I will understand why I am doing it.
Let’s see what week 3 brings. I am already excited.
Thanks for reading.