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Week 3 of 14 – Body Transformation For Physique Show

Jun 30 2014

To take my mind of my housemate chomping on what are the juiciest steak and ribs I have ever seen, I thought I would give my brief account of week threes progress.
My motivation and commitment is as high as the day I decided to take on this personal challenge. I love my morning routine. Wake up, get changed, drink my 4 servings of Amino Energy and get to the gym before my body even knows what is going on.
Over looking the beach and having the world cup on in the background is a real treat when cycling around 25-28km per 45-minute session. I come off the bike in a sweat filled positive state.
Week 3 Review
Regarding my nutrition this week. It has been spot on. It has only been today (Saturday) that I am hungry for more food. However tomorrow is a high carb day (300g) and will fill me up nicely.
This week I had to refuse several drinks with friends. As much as I want to stay socially active, certain events will have to be missed. Am I upset or bothered? Not in the slightest, this means a lot more than a hangover.
I believe I am starting to get leaner each week and I am the lightest I have been in around 3 years, so progress looks like it is going in the right way.
Two exercises which are really helping to develop my arms:

I had to stock up on my usual supplements today. Spending $300 (£225) may seem excessive but this should last me around 8 weeks. Not going out and drinking is helping me save a lot of funds for PT sessions, supplements and high quality food sources.

 Here is a run down of my macro breakdown:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday
248g Protein / 47g Carbohydrates / 162g Fats
Wednesday and Sunday
255g Protein / 300g Carbohydrates / 63g Fat

Week 3, Progress Photos (In a relaxed state):
Week 3 Progress Photos

Week 3 Progress Photos

Lets see what week 4 brings.
Thanks for reading.