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Week 4 of 14 – Body Transformation For Physique Show

Jul 6 2014

The end of week 4 has arrived and I am sitting at the lightest and leanest I have ever been. My current weight is 78.5kg. At the start of this process it was 82kg. I do not think I have been under 78.5kg since I was 17. I guess I will have to get used to it as there is still plenty of fat to drop.
Back Shot Week 4
My energy levels throughout the week have been up and down. After a long day on Thursday to then tackle Legs and Back was tough, but my workout partner helped to push me and turned out to be a great session. Always look forward to my high carb days.
Here are my week 4 relaxed progress photos:
Week 4 Progress Photos
My Saturday personal training session was even tougher due to my muscles feeling like they were running on fumes and my legs feeling like lead weights. I knew my sessions at the end of the week would always be the toughest and that is why I opted to have just one PT session to train me then.
90% of the foods I eat throughout the week.
Weekly Foods
People are starting to notice I am losing weight. Guess they have another 10 weeks of getting used to it.
Time to focus on week 5.