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Week 5 of 14 – Body Transformation For Physique Show

Jul 13 2014

This week I have blinked and…BOOM it was over and week 6 is getting prepped for.
Today I am sitting at 77.2Kg. I started this journey at 82.5Kg. I did not realise I had this much fat to lose and there is still more to come off.
Back shot Week 5
I am still determined and driven as day one. This week I had the biggest craving for a slice of cake that was left out in work but the short term satisfaction of that cake would not lead me to my long term goals.

Breakfast - Kangaroo and Broccoli

Breakfast – Kangaroo and Broccoli

My workouts have changed this week for the next couple of weeks. I am still doing 5 resistance workouts split over 7 days as well as my 5 morning cardio sessions.
Preparing for a physique show is a lonely place, which requires a massive amount of will power and drive. It is teaching me a lot about myself, and also what the body can achieve if the mind set is right.
Lets see what week 6 brings. Thanks for reading.