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Week 6 of 14 – Body Transformation For Physique Show

Jul 19 2014

I am writing this while in a mild food coma.
Today was the first time in 6 weeks where I could eat anything I wanted up to 1500kcals.

You are probably thinking what you would have right this minute, right?

I would say 75% of my thinking time this week has been solely focussing on what I would have, and my final decision did not let me down. 

I have just come back from having a bowl of Bircher Muesli, which was topped with fresh berries and shaved apple. As well as a portion of Eggs Benedict, a slice of pear, apple and cherry crumble all washed down with 2 cups of coffee and some great company.
Week 6
Sound like your kinda cheat/re-feed meal?”
I have been alive for 26 years and not once have I actually had to earn or look forward to a meal so much. I have been spoilt and lucky to know that if I want to eat I can go out and get or make it. Prepping for this contest has actually shown me the intake food has on the body and more importantly the mind.

Not only today but also every time I walk into the Supermarket to get my fresh food essentials. 
You are constantly surrounded by temptation. From the moment you walk in you are hit with delicious smells and colourful cleverly marketed sugar filled products on the ends of each aisle and even at the tills, just to give you that one more opportunity to put it in your basket.

Losing fat requires greater mind strength than physical. Going to the gym is the easiest part.

This week marks the halfway point to my first competition. I am still determined and motivated as ever. If I weren’t then getting up at 6am to go and do fasted cardio would be near enough impossible.
Week 6 Relaxed Photos:
Week 6 - Relaxed


Stats from this week:

Currently at 76.8kg (started at 82.5kg). 

For the 6-week on the go my body fat levels have come down. This week it was only 1mm in 2 different regions but still a difference. 

From the data I have collected over the weeks to get to 5% body fat would require me to drop another 13lbs (5.8kg). Will I achieve this? I shall just keep doing what I am doing and let my body do the rest.

Roll on week 7, fuelled and ready to achieve what others could not.

Thanks for reading. Ben