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Week 7 of 14 – Body Transformation For Physique Show

Jul 27 2014

Week 7 has ended. I am over the hill and past half way. The question is does it get harder? I guess I shall find out over the next coming weeks.
Week 7
I am writing this blog post after just getting home from one of the best weekends I could have asked for. A weekend spent skiing in the mountains at Mount Hotham, Australia. 

Did I slip off plan? Nope. I made sure all my meals were prepared on the Friday morning and placed in Tupperware containers. I have not trained and dieted for this long to waste valuable progress over a weekend.

I did however miss one leg session in the gym but I believe 7-9 hours skiing will definitely have made up for this. The way my legs feel now, I am sure they would have preferred the gym session.
Progress is still on track again this week. Another 0.6kg down from last week and body fat came down in several sites.
Here are week 7’s relaxed photos:
Week 7 Relaxed
Took a cheeky selfie in the gym on Friday morning and loving the visual progress. Time to keep up the hard work and give everything I have to make sure I am in the best condition possible in 7 weeks time.
Time to get this blog post uploaded, cover my legs in magnesium oil from Amazing Oils (fantastic supplement to reduce muscle soreness, fatigue and improve quality of sleep to name a few benfefits) and get in some quality sleep. 
I have a 45-minute Watt Bike cardio session to smash out in the morning. 

One of my favourite supplements:
Magnesium Oil
Bring on Week 8. Thanks for reading.