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NutriFitMe in your workplace with your teams

NutriFitMe working with your business

NutriFitMe believe in helping teams of employees become the healthiest and active they can be, in and outside of their working environment.

In Your Business

We do this by working with businesses in providing all of its employees an initial non-intrusive health screening. Then provide a comprehensive nutritional plan, fitness recommendations and massage therapy on the findings to prevent future sickness absenteeism.

In a recent review on sickness absence it was confirmed 140 million working days are lost per year in Great Britain, this equates to 4.9 days for each worker each year.

NutriFitMe Worplace Benefits

80% of the main sickness absence excuses included back pain, problems associated with joints or muscles, and stress/anxiety/depression. These can all be prevented through healthier eating habits, active lifestyle and massage therapy.

Let NutriFitMe increase your employee productivity, staff moral and overall profit no matter the size of your business.

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What We Provide

Our packages includes the following which are all performed and supervised by fully qualified members of the NutriFitMe team.

Each employee will be entitled to a full health screening which includes:

  • Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • Resting Pulse Rate Monitoring
  • Body Fat Analysis
  • Lung Capacity Testing
  • Blood Glucose Testing
  • Postural and Muscular imbalances
  • Flexibility Assessment

A fully qualified nutritionist will work with your employees and work out eating habits, food choices and calorie requirements to achieve their specific goal. This will then help to develop a personalised 7-day eating plan, with recipes, nutritional information and resources to keep motivated and supported.

This package also includes a fully professional body analysis pack. The results from the postural and muscular imbalance screening and flexibility assessment will help to produce important health benefitting exercises, stretches and workouts which are all individually produced to improve the posture, muscle development and body structure of each employee.

Additional Extras

A fully qualified sports massage therapist can provide treatments within a private area. All equipment is provided and can promote huge benefits for the employee.

It has been confirmed in numerous studies that a typical back, shoulders and next massage twice a week has proved sufficient in reducing stress and blood pressure levels.

Stress is also a key component in weight gain. With this additional extra your business will definitely benefit from an increase in productivity and decrease in sickness absence through stress.

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